Development Consultants and Accountants Gauteng

Development Consultants and Accountants Gauteng

Development Consultants and Accountants Gauteng (ADA)


Havenga Consulting can assist donor agencies, managing contractors and recipient governments to better understand their outcomes from a financial / monetary perspective.


We consult directly with donor agencies and recipient governments or their managing contractors. Our aim is to provide clarity to donors and recipient governments showing how their funds are utilised and whether they achieve financial /monetary goals.


Not only do we assist with identifying strengths and weaknesses in Financial Management and Governance, we also provide sustainable implementation and management advice on the use of donor funds.

Development Consultants and Accountants Gauteng


Whether you are seeking to establish a business in Southern Africa, start something new (‘Start-up’), expand your business or improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, Havenga Consulting can assist you to achieve your objective.


Located in Pretoria, we can support clients across the city and country, and throughout the public and private sectors. Our goal is to help you better understand your business through your financial data and let it tell the story.

Business services

  • “Start-ups”
  • Financial Statement preparation
  • Management accounting
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Payroll services
  • Financial Management systems
  • Budget preparation
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Finance application assistance
  • Annual taxation returns
  • Monthly VAT returns
  • Domestic tax compliance and consulting

African Development Assistance (ADA)

  • Donor Project / Programme management
  • Grant management
  • Public Financial Management (PFM) consulting
  • Policies & Procedures Manuals
  • Risk Reviews & Management Advice
  • Internal Audit